Buying property is a very tough process for the inexperience buyer, particularly in the Melbourne property market... more >


Many clients ask for advice on which sales agent to use. David knows the property market and who the best-selling agents are... more >

ABOUT DAVID : Having been involved in the property industry one way or the other for over 25 years as both a Builder and Advocate, David McMillan has been an active property advocate since 1999...

When David McMillan first came to Melbourne from country Victoria, he started working for a series of builders, mostly doing inner city renovations. After a few years he became a registered builder specialising in commercial refurbishment and the residential renovation. Projects ranged up to $5,000,000 and it was very busy and exciting. In 1999 after helping many friends buy property and advising on tactics at auction, he decided a change was needed. Buyer Advocates were just starting in the property arena. Times were changing, buyers were looking for representation... more >

Buying Advice

Property searching

Property Assessment

Auction strategies

Whole of service approach from selection
to settlement

We don’t recommend buying every property that is selected

A strategy at auction can make a difference
to the end buy price

Confidentiality, no one knows your business

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Selling Advice

Select the correct agency and agent
for your property

Stop pesky agent’ calls looking for a sale

Assess sales agent’s presentations

Provide balance price guidance

Knowledge of current market conditions

Getting the quote right and vetting
advertising schedules

Select copy and photographs to best
represent your property

Advise on reserve price and how to
handle negotiations

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