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Having been involved in the property industry for over 25 years, David McMillan has been an active property advocate since 1999...

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m: 0418 323 723
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Services : Buying & Selling

Buying Property, Selling property and Unbiased Advice

Buying :

Buying property is a very tough process for the inexperience buyer, particularly in the Melbourne property market. The whole buying process can be very intimidating and if you are unsure of what you are doing a wrong turn can be taken, either the wrong property purchased or the one you really like gets away..either way there is a cost. I don’t know how many times I have heard, "I wish we had purchased the first one we saw, if only we knew what we know now…"

As buyer advocates our job is to inform our clients about the property market the good, bad and ugly of particular properties. It is an education as to what is really going on, with the aim our clients make informed enlighten decision about their purchases

Experience in the market place is critical along with a track record of successful purchases; we have runs on the board, check the gallery of transactions and testimonials.

Property searching

Property Assessment

Auction strategies

Whole of service approach from selection to settlement

We don’t recommend buying every property that is selected

A strategy at auction can make a difference to the end buy price

Confidentiality, no one knows your business

Selling :

Many clients ask for advice on which sales agent to use. David knows the property market
and who the best-selling agents are.

He offers a service that takes the stress out of selling your most prized asset
He has a well-oiled Vendor Advocacy service.

Select the correct agency and agent for your property

Stop those pesky agent’ calls looking for a sale

Assess sales agent’s presentations

Provide balance price guidance

Knowledge of current market conditions

Getting the quote right and vetting advertising schedules

Select copy and photographs to best represent your property

Advise on reserve price and how to handle negotiations

Manage the entire sales campaign and selling agent

Take the guess work out of selling your assets

Negotiate agents’ commissions and advertising spend

Monitors the agents performance and buyer follow up procedure

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